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We are among prominent Fresh Seedless Lemon Manufacturers and Suppliers in all india. The Fresh Seedless Lemon offered by us is an oval yellow fruit which is used for both culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world. The juice, pulp and rind of the Fresh Seedless Lemon are primarily used in cooking and baking. Lemon juice has citric acid, which gives lemons a sour taste. The distinctive sour taste of Fresh Seedless Lemon makes it a key ingredient in many dishes across the world.


Features Of Fresh Seedless Lemon

  • Juicy
  • Pulpy
  • Has citric acid
  • Qualitative
  • Chemicals free

Used For

  • Culinary purposes
  • Non-culinary purposes

Medicated Honey

We produce and distribute fresh-squeezed cannabis oils infused with certified organic juice, creating small-batch vapable products with flavors and intensity that brings smiles to enthusiasts, patients and connoisseur alike.

The founder of Honey Farm was heavily medicated that first time in 2013 when he squeezed the nectar out of a peach and then vaped it. It was missing something, cannabis, so he mixed in some honey oil, vaped it, then said, “Eureka! There’s gold in the dirt, and it’s bananas!” so he loaded up a truckload of fruit infused vapes and moved near Beverly, Hills that is, then brought some Honey Farm to share with his local dispensary, LAPCG, and the rest of this story is filled with adventure, innovation, team-building and community, which brings us to this moment. Welcome to Honey Farm.

Simply Organic:
Honey Farm is created from sun-grown Humboldt County cannabis and certified organic produce, like blueberries. We offer two types of honey oil in vape cartridges, 'Raw' and 'Juiced'.Raw is made from organically farmed cannabis and nothing else. It goes down smooth and tastes exceptionally pure and maintains a nuanced earthiness because of our source, Mother Nature. Raw is perfect for discerning users who seek strain-accuracy, purity of flavor, effect intensity, eco-friendliness, heritage and a deep strain catalog.

If strawberries, bananas and peaches make your mouth water, so will Honey Farm’s delicious ‘juiced’ infusions made from the healthiest stuff on earth. Each certified organic ingredient is hand selected at the peak of ripeness, then turned into explosions of flavor that will blow your tongue’s mind.

Honey Farms crafts such incredibly smooth cannabis oils by blending naturally grown cannabis extract with certified organic ingredients, and nothing else.

Our source material is farmed in the heart of Humboldt County, where hippies from yesteryear became family farmers, and have since earned global recognition for mastering the art of eco-friendly cannabis cultivations and freely sharing their knowledge.

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